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Do you know 90% of the users do not past the top 10 search engines? Have you ever realized the advantage of staying in the top 10 position of the search engines? We actually use the latest and most relevant SEO strategies to help your business rank on the top of the search engines to be easily noticed by the customers.

As an entrepreneur you would always want to see your business website ranking on top across all major search engines. The reason is obvious. Today, consumers or clients search on Bing, Yahoo or Google for the desired products or services online and then make the final decision. To eliminate the gap between you and your consumers, ignoring Search Engine Optimisation is just not gullible.

We with our team of extensive knowledge work to get your website rank on the top. We offer a fixed price package to tailor your SEO needs. Our focs is to help businesses of all sizes (primarily small ones) to get ample amount of visibility and gain consumers. We truly believe or service in Canada have been great till now and we continue to do so in the future too.

Our Explicit & Standard SEO Process:

Website Audit- Before SEO planning and implementation, our team very minutely analyse the site, note key points and fill the gap where technology advancements are required. After that we move to our SEO process. So website analysis is very basic and needed task we never fail to avoid.

Industry Research- We are marketing experts and we teach ourselves your industry key skills to better understand marketing process, business operations and sales trend to design the most effective SEO techniques to provide optimum service.

Competition Analysis- Competitor Site review is a very essential step towards developing SEO strategy and we do conduct this.

Keyword Research- As we all know that there exist few keywords or phrases that consumers use to make search, finding those relevant keywords put them in best use is our priority.

On Site Optimisation- This step refers to finding the technical drawbacks and on-site flaws of the site like meta tags, descriptions, content and more and fix them earlier.

Link Building- Here comes the part to gain links to improve ranking. We will imply various planned strategies to rank website on the top page.

Monitoring & Reporting- We will keep monitoring the performance of site and will include you n the entire process. Reporting will get you better understanding of our efforts and website performance.

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